Saturday, February 20, 2016

Everything Old is New Again

I like to be pretty open in this blog about the things affecting me. What motivates me and my decisions? What leads me to make big changes? I'm a thinker at heart, and like to understand why I do what I do. A lot of times, those thought exercises become blog posts. Particularly when it comes time to change corporations.

For me, sometimes that change was a result of a bad fit, as when I left CEI to join Repercussus. Other times, it was taken only reluctantly, like when I left RP to join Adversity. After only five months in Adversity, I've decided to part ways with them.

In this case, though, I'm not running away from drama, or fleeting a bad fit. On the contrary - Adversity is filled with dynamic players who really know how to play the game. They're ruthlessly effective, and TISHU as a whole has been resurgent lately, utterly dominating against SMA and the CFC. They're going strong, have been infused with a ton of isk, and everything is looking up for them.

Moreover, the mission they've committed themselves to - pursuing engaging content at all costs, particularly at the expense of the defensive herd known as the CFC - reflects my preferred approach to this game. They avoid safety and pursue danger, and they're having a ball as a result. And I did as a part of them too.

In fact, they got everything right. Lex is doing a good job, they've got a great second tier of management to keep things running, and members are eager to participate. They're a great alliance to be a part of, and if you can demonstrate the meme knowledge, sarcasm, and skill necessary to pass recruitment, you'll be pleased by the experience you find.

The only challenge I found was one of timing. The fleets tended to start about an hour before I could reasonably get online, but that was often enough for me to miss out on a lot of the fun. Sometimes that's enough.

As you may have heard, Repercussus recently left Goonswarm to build something new down in Fountain. As a result of that change, the corporation was instantly invigorated, with retired, unsubbed, and departed members coming flocking back. What was an endless slog without meaning or challange - null-sec life under the CFC - had instantly become an opportunity for excitement, tension, and true achievement.

I didn't initially plan on coming back.  When I left RP, I planned for it to be permanent - I tend not to revisit the past very much, and focused on the new chapter. But RP fleets tended go roll out later in the USTZ, right when I could play. And with RP getting the whole band back together, how could I resist?

TISHU is going to terrorize Eve without me - and by and large they have been. Good luck to them; I'll still talk to them on Tweetfleet and appreciate their exploits on reddit.

For me, I'm rolling back with my old crew. Now, who's been sitting in my chair? It smells funny...

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