Sunday, February 28, 2016

Blood Raider Provincial HQ (unrated)

Access: Acceleration Gate, T2 Battleships & Below

Room 1

Initial Defenders
10 x (Elite Frigates) Various, including Elder Worshippers (Warp Scrambler)
10 x (Elite Cruiser) Elite HACs
12 x (Battleship) Various Battleships

1 x (Station) Gate Security Centre (Stasis Webifier) (Attacking triggers Station Spawn) (Destroy to Unlock Gate)
1 x Acceleration Gate (Unlocked upon Gate Security Centre destruction or use of Dark Blood Crystal Tag)

Station Spawn
10 x (Elite Frigates) Various (Stasis Webifier) (Warp Scrambler)
2 x (Elite Cruiser) Elite HACs
9 x (Battleship) Various Battleships

Room 2

Initial Defenders
3 x (Frigates) VariousFrigates
3 x (Elite Cruiser) Elite HACs
5 x (Battleship) Various Battleships
3 x (Sentry) Siege Beam Laser Battery

1 x (Station) Arena Sentinel (Stasis Webifier out to 50 km) (Fires Paradise EM cruise missiles, tanks up to 1000 dps when repping) (Alternate Escalation Trigger) (Attacking triggers Station Spawn 1)

Station Spawn 1 (Triggered by attacking Arena Sentinel)
10 x (Elite Cruiser) Elite HACs (Energy Neutralizer)
10 x (Battleship) Various Battleships

Station Spawn 2 (Triggered when Arena Sentinel hits 33% Structure)
3 x (Frigate) Various Frigates
4 x (Cruiser) Various Cruisers
7 x (Battleship) Various Battleships
1 x (Battleship) Dark Blood Patriarch (Escalation Trigger) (Triggered by attacking Arena Sentinel) (Dark Blood Battleship Modules)

Escalation: (Information Needed)

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