Saturday, January 18, 2014

The Big News I Hinted About

So, in this post, I mentioned some big RL news that I’d been occupied with over the last couple months.  I’m happy to say that it’s been resolved, and I can announce it now.

For the past ten months, I’ve been unemployed due to widespread layoffs at my last job.  Sure, it’s given me time to hang out with my kids, but I’ve applied to over 200 jobs of a variety of levels (from entry up to Directors of Marketing).  For the past two months, I’ve been interviewing for one of those Director of Marketing jobs, and I can happily announce that I’ve gotten it.  The long project is over; I was even able to turn it into a promotion.

But, the interesting bit is that it requires me to relocate to about 4 hours away.  I say interesting because, while I’m excited about the opportunity and the title increase, I’m very anxious about giving up “home” and moving elsewhere.  My mother would say it’s because I’m a Cancer (insert “cancer on the body of Eve” joke here) and Cancers hate anything that disrupts their home.  Regardless, I’m very nervous.

But what really makes it interesting is that I just did the exact same thing in my Eve life, moving from my null-sec home to a wormhole.  That may actually be a bigger change than this RL relocation.  My old and new city are very similar to each other, the environment is almost the same, the laws are all the same.  Pretty much the worst part is separating the kids from their grandparents.  Oh, and losing my EU TZ play time.  In Eve, on the other hand, wormhole and null life are vastly different.

Ironically, the sameness in RL is as comforting as the difference in Eve is enjoyable.

Not really sure what this going.  Perhaps I’m just surprised at the differences in effect within the same brain.  I think I’ll just let it stand as evidence that our online psyches and real life psyches are in no way related, by virtue of the metaphysical fact that Eve is a game we can choose to enter and leave at will, whereas our decisions in RL on that account tend to be irrevocable.  That veil of illusion can – and just did – cause diametrically opposed reactions within the same brain.

So, never let anyone tell you you’re boring because you mine in Eve all day.  Or that you’re a psychopath because you PvP to collect tears.  What we do in Eve really has nothing to do with what we are in real life.  So… rocks or fellow pilots… shoot away.

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