Saturday, January 4, 2014

Big Break, Big News

Yes, I took a couple weeks off for the big holiday, but that’s over now, and you can continue to expect me to post every couple days, as before.

Over the holiday, I spent a little time killing folks, a little time doing PvE, and a little time clearing my hangar of some ships I simply didn’t use any longer.  All in all, my wallet increased by about 5 billion isk.  Suffice to say, while I was taking a break from writing, I was still very active.

Much of that was actually in support of some big news I’ll have coming in the next day or two.  Yes, I’ll still be writing, and no, I’m not quitting.

In the mean time, I hope everyone had a good holiday, is getting back into the swing of things, and is ready to talk about PvP.

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