Thursday, January 16, 2014

Constantine. Can't Be Trusted

Just a quick one.  My alt made a deal with Constantine. to buy two Cadmium moons in Indregulle (P8, moons 9 & 10) from them, with some money up front and a monthly fee.  I figured that giving them something to earn - some skin in the game - would make them more inclined to honor the agreement, instead of taking my money and running.

Constantine. is a merc and low-sec pirate corp, and those two activities depend on being considered honorable.  No one's going to contract a merc corp to, say, destroy a competitor's moon if that merc group is going to turn around and take it for themselves.  No one's going to pay a ransom to a group who can't be relied upon to honor it.  So, while it was a risk, I figured it was a limited risk, both for the reputation aspect and the monthly fee I was offering.

Well, they decided to scam me instead of honor the agreement.  It happens, and I walked into it knowing the risk.  Isk can be earned back.  I salute them on a good con.

It seems a bit short-sighted to me.  They made a little isk, but most intelligent pirate and merc groups know reputation is everything in their business.  That's the reason Sky Fighters has a strict "honor agreements" policy.  It's simply good business to stick to them.

But be advised: the corporation Constantine. [eeeee] cannot be trusted.  The specific character who dishonored the agreement is Bodiil, who has an alt named LobiB.  They are currently part of the Ninja Unicorns With Huge Horns alliance.

I wouldn't recommend contracting them as mercs, nor would I expect them to honor any ransom agreement.

No tears, but no tolerance, either.


  1. Ninja Unicorns With Huge Horns alliance.are trolls since 2010, you should know better

  2. Short term it's good isk, but long term you make nothing. These people obviously have no business sense and probably struggle in life.