Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Elo Knight and Class

So, as has been covered elsewhere, BL lost more than 500billion isk worth of supercarriers yesterday evening.

I’m not going to cover what happened, as I wasn’t there.  But we were monitoring it on Razor comms as we made our way over to sneak onto whatever killmails we could.  In the end, we ended up trading five dreads for two and a carrier.  If we hadn’t committed dreads, we would have had to suffice with getting only one dread.  But, hey, what’s the point of having them if we don’t use them?  We make plenty of isk to replace them, but one never likes losing ships.

But, at the bottom of the link above, go ahead and listen to some of the attached soundcloud.  The person speaking is Elo Knight, the chief FC of BL.

Now listen to the tracks on the soundboard here.  That’s Makalu Zayra (former -A-, now PL).  Makalu is the guy who used his titan as bait to take out that BL fleet.  Let the comparisons marinate.

In Razor, we have a pilot named Xenermorph who sounds the same way as Elo Knight.  Flying for an FC like him, who keeps his cool, is what I imagine fighting for a Scipio Africanus or a Julius Caesar was like.  A cool, calm FC can extract the maximum value from a fleet by keeping his members calm and following orders.  Focus on the task, not the situation.

Consider me impressed by Elo Knight.  He acted with class and poise.

BL was beaten, but so long as he continues to FC like this, they’ll never be defeated.

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  1. I'll grant that the FC remained calm and in control, thus doing a lot to keep his fleet calm and functioning as best as possible. however for me at least, he was speaking entirely too fast, not enunciating clearly, his words frequently blurring together. I personally found it extremely difficult to comprehend more than one word out of five that he spoke. and English is my only language so it's not a language barrier thing.

    As good as he may be, I think he would have been much better if he had slowed his speech down a bit, enough to enunciate each word clearly. Then perhaps it would not have been necessary for him to repeat everything three to six times.

    In a combat situation, clarity of speech is essential, you MUST be clearly understood.