Sunday, October 27, 2013

Two Month Anniversary – What I’ve Learned

Target Caller is about two months old.  I started it to share some of my experiences with PvP, some ideas I had, and to generally discuss the state of PvP in Eve.  I hoped that, through my posts, I’d receive some comments that helped me improve my own flying and how I think about the game.

And that’s exactly what I got.  I haven’t gotten everything right, and some of my suggestions had unintended consequences I hadn’t considered.  Through your comments, I’ve already learned more about mechanics.  Case in point: the discussion in the comments of this post regarding turret tracking.  Keep it up, guys.

There’s nothing quite like throwing your ideas out for public consideration to improve how you play this game.  It’s easy to think you’re great at this game until you show your ideas to someone else.  Sometimes you’re right, sometimes you’re wrong, but learn something new every time.

But the process of reviewing my actions in a fight has also really helped me sharpen my own flying.  Sometimes, I think a target was stabilized, when really I simply was a few meters outside of point range.  The process of reviewing has really helped me understand what actually happened.

In Razor, we’re quick to troll someone for a terrible fit.  When you have that heat applied to you, either you temper or you shatter.  Only by having your mistakes pointed out do you improve.  Having a blog serves the same purpose.

And, being able to take abuse and criticism is part of playing Eve.

So thank you for reading and commenting.  I’m sure I’ll post a few things you can learn from, you’ll teach me a few things, and we’ll both become better at this terrible game in the process.

And that’s the whole point.

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  1. Well said. Keep it up. Don't let the blog die.