Friday, June 29, 2018

Comms Silent

Some time ago, I decided to take a step back from Eve and blogging about Eve to focus more on real life. At the time, I hoped to continue to play on occasion, but avoid the kinds of entanglements that required the commitment of more than an hour at a time.

After trying this approach for a few weeks, it became pretty clear that this really wasn't possible. For me, Eve was about PvP, an expensive endeavor in terms of time. From staging your ships to earning the isk to afford them to reaching your hunting ground, it could take an hour to find your targets, and and half an hour or so to return to your staging to reship. I just didn't have that kind of time anymore.

Put simply, Eve is not a game in which you can do serious solo or small-gang PvP part-time.

I held on for a year and a half, but have never really logged in. In fact, I uninstalled Eve completely during a computer clean-out several months ago. A couple weeks ago, I saw an advertisement for the new expansion, shrugged my shoulders, and decided to reinstall.

The Eve I found was almost unrecognizable. When I left, the new character sheet was just being unveiled, and I never really warmed to it. I found myself struggling to understand where everything was in the non-intuitive layout. All of my shortcuts, window positions, and overview settings were gone, and none of my key combinations worked anymore. I never used the new scanner window, opting for the old system as long as I was able, and I found the new one to be very different. it honestly didn't seem worth it to even try to learn it again. All in all, each of these little cuts combined into a big barrier to re-entry that, given my passing interest, was just too much.

But, in the end, after a year and a half off, what really sealed the deal for me was the time. Time to undock. time to warp to the next system, time to get to Jita, time for windows to open and populate the vanilla client (no settings changed and no rebinding of keys). Time, time, time. I wanted to get a character to Jita from 10 jumps away, and with the vanilla client, it took half an hour. I forgot about that part: the time it takes to do anything in Eve.

When I was playing regularly, I was willing to put in that time. In fact, I touted it as a feature. And, I suspect, each of you does as well. But now it's a massive barrier to re-entry for a returning player.

I came to see if it was worth returning to Eve. I left realizing that it absolutely was not. Not for as much time per week I was willing to put into it.

I mention this not to bad-mouth Eve, CCP, or the players. It's a great game if you have the time to devote to it. Rather, I point this out as the experience of a player who was a dedicated player familiar with large portions of the game, from the unspoken mechanics to the physical actions you take to accomplish them. As the experience of a player who hasn't touched the game in only a year and a half. In other words, as one of the best winback targets of CCP's efforts.

Use this qualitative experience for what it is, and no more. I make no claims about the experiences of everyone, but rather simply provide what I experienced.

In the end, I can say with confidence - and without doubt or hostility - that I'm done with Eve. It was a great ride, but it's moved on without me, and just like taking on a new job or a new relationship, we've drifted apart. I've sold Talvorian Dex and Valeria Bovinus, and will hold onto the isk just in case someone I know decides they want to start up the game, but frankly, I predict it'll just sit there forever.

I'm happy to leave the site running, including the PvE guides. Please feel free to use them for as long as they remain viable, but I won't be updating them any further.

Good luck to all of you. I've made good friends, had good arguments, sworn vengeance, exalted my triumphs, decried my failures, shared joy and misery, made suggestions, whined annoyingly, and been proud to participate in this great (if dwindling) blogging community for this stupid, little, glorious, complicated game.

The last target has been called. The fleet is over. And comms fall silent.


  1. Bummer. I won't try to change your mind, as you point out (fairly) this is your own experience. As someone who only has maybe 45-60 minutes every other day to play these days, I don't find Eve as time consuming as I used to. Granted, I have built an entire community around my playstyle and not everyone can do that.

    Good luck to you.

  2. I guess that time comes for us all, where we have to dock up and leave it all behind, I am not there yet but I do fel that i have less time left in game than I have had already, the addiction is slowly waning. o7

  3. You have, and will be missed. Fly safe o7

  4. o7 and thanks for creating a really great library of information here at this blog.

  5. Farewell and thank you for your blog. Always worth reading!

  6. I never made the jump to social PVP and/or null but always enjoyed the possibilities laid out here. Even your description in this post evoked memories of breakfast runs to Jita. I've been gone a long time myself, but still read the odd bit. Never say never but it doesn't look likely bar a sight-seeing holiday, though Comms never fall silent to background radiation. See you at the Gate. o7

  7. Just saw this Tal... I know I went "POOF!" inna puff of recycled electrons more than a year ago... but I too will miss you my virtual friend and bloggerbro. Yes, it is the time sink, the time it takes and is required to really PLAY EVE that ultimately got in my way too... I have a new game, Sailing... and it takes for more time, effort and RL ISK than EVE ever did... but...

    OMG the sky, the waves and the WIND!!!!

    Sailing SV Luna Blu

  8. Same, fam :( One does not just play Eve casually. Got a full time job few months ago, and only have limited free time now, so no Eve for me. But the urge is still there, and will always be.