Thursday, March 31, 2016

Propaganda and World War Bee

For those of you who aren’t up on your latest reddit posting, the reddit community has named this latest war, “World War Bee” in honor of the fact that Goons are the primary enemy, and the CFC is attracting absolutely no third-party assistance to its side. Whereas the “good guys” are likely willing to accept pretty much any CFC alliance into its ranks as a turncoat, that doesn’t hold true for Goonswarm itself.

After all, it’s very clear to everyone involved that the CFC is Goonswarm with various alliances arrayed around it to serve as protection and a firebreak. Unless something catastrophic happens, this war isn’t going to end until Goonswarm is kicked out of its space and Fortress Deklein is rendered into ash.

A couple articles ago, I wrote about how this war is about rage. The forces arrayed against the CFC are a hydra, with no single head to bribe off. And that is reflected in the quality of posting on the major forums. While the CFC owns, and presumably would have “thought superiority” because of it, we’re seeing the exact opposite.

The “good guys” have pumped out hundreds of propaganda pieces and dominated the press, specifically because the source of all that content isn’t a single cabal directing its minions, but rather a groundswell of public sentiment with many sources. Hundreds of people are pumping out propaganda every day, and the sheer volume is a testament to the degree of pent up aggression and passion driving it. Even a formal “news” site can’t keep up with that. As a result, while TMC has put out a couple pieces focused on spinning specific events, the other side is hammering every aspect of the CFC, and responding faster and in more unique ways to every breaking story.

How could I not be delighted by that?

I’ve spent a lot of time talking about the importance of setting the tempo in PvP engagements by acting with aggression, attacking the enemy at the slightest sign of weakness, and hitting them where it hurts the most. Propaganda is the verbal form of that, and can devastate the moral of an enemy.

To be truly successful, every piece of propaganda needs to contain a kernel of truth. In this war, we’ve seen so many kernels that we’ll be supplied with popcorn for the duration. Comments made by CFC speakers are taken in the worst possible way, CO2 leadership are hailed as heroes and brave souls for taking the hard choice, and every insult ever leveled at Goons or any comment they’ve ever made is being co-opted to rip raw every real or perceived weakness and leaving it bare for the light of public scrutiny.

It’s no surprise to me that the CFC has lost every major battle in this war, and is reeling on all fronts. Just peruse reddit and read all of the “Propaganda”-tagged posts for a truly widespread view of different applications of satire and propaganda.

If you’re curious, intrepid imgur user Aurorahalsey collated a bunch of the graphical pieces and posted them in an album. You can find the source of the namesake, “World War Bee” through a remarkable (and, I believe, hallmark) video put out by Pandemic Legion that is of the finest quality. If you look closely, you’ll see that not only the headlines, but the article text was also developed specifically for that video. Truly remarkable.

Things are almost sure to get even wilder as time goes on. As someone who appreciates the role of narrative in creating reality, I’m proud and delighted about what we’re seeing. This is some next-level content being developed, worthy of the finest Marketing departments.

Well done, Eve. Well done!


  1. It's funny you say that there needs to be a kernel of truth then run off an say that goons have lost every major battle. As of yet there have hardly been any major battle because when the good guys try to set one up they fail. Tomorrow may mark another one with VFK if they bother to actually show up, which they probably won't. If only the were as good at flying their ships as they are at posting memes on reddit. With their numbers they should have steamrolled Dek by now, yet they've managed to set up timers in one system and that was done by an ex-CFC alliance. I'd like to think that they have what it takes to end the CFC I just don't think they do based on their lack of success. All bark no bite, that's the problem with trying to win a war with propaganda.

    1. Now, now, let's be civil.

      In response to the point raised, you're right... no war is won with propaganda alone. But, M-O, the dunking of CFC arriers in Deklein (previously unthinkable), forcing a CO2 fleet (CFC at the time) to self-destruct, compelling the CFC to give up Pure Blind as untenable and losing a highly competent ally and a parts of two regions in one fell swoop, repeated fleet losses... it's hard to argue that the CFC has taken bloody noses.

      And that's all on top of many of the highest-profile, most-competent, FCs not only leaving the coalition, but actively working against them, and the defection of highly competent small-gang (ie. skilled) corporations who are able to inflict and are inflicting damage on the CFC... it's hard to argue anything of the kind that the CFC is in good shape right now.

      On every front, the CFC is getting its teeth kicked in. And there are at least three solid fronts (PB/Tribute, Fade, Tenal).

      Plus, the strategy being employed is brilliant - attack the allies who have been weakened by repeated poachings over the years, and leave GSF largely untouched to sow dissent (Why are you letting MY alliance's space be attacked) and give the appearance of truth to the "meatshield" theory.

      What can they put up against it? A successful DBRB bombing run?

      On that account, the attack on VFK is a brilliant move. It's the capital that most of the "real goons" think of when they think of Goonswarm, and it's likely that the resistence will be stiffest there than anywhere. If unsubbed Goons are going to come back, they're going to do it to protect VFK. If the allies win, it might very well break the CFC simply because there would be no further "rally flag" to draw back those lasped members.

      But if GSF wins, it might energize their veterans to participate in a spirited defense.