Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Siggy is Much Better than Siri

My new alliance, Psychotic Tendencies, uses Siggy.  I love Siggy, even though my past use of it was limited to three weeks between CEI and RP when I was part of Sky Fighters.  As a tool to gather information and save time, it’s invaluable.

Siggy is a cosmic signature mapping tool that serves as a central repository for sig scan information among a corporation or alliance.  Curious what cosmic signature XYZ in system A is?  Click on that system in Siggy and see if anyone in your corp had previously scanned it down.  When mapping wormhole chains, it works like old-style D&D graph paper, allowing you to map your routes effectively and easily.

More often than not, one of the first things I do when I log in is to check for wormholes in our home system.  I’m looking for anything that shortens the way to Jita, or serves as a conduit to feeding grounds.  Typically, I’m looking for low or null exits.

You can imagine how delighted I was when I woke up and checked Siggy to find this:

That’s a tremendous amount of work, most of which was done by a single person in my corp.  He’s my new best friend.

Those of you who have been following action in null-sec recently will note one particular hole… a direct connection to a system in Cloud Ring, where the content lived (up until the Imp deployed there and smashed it with a mountain).  There’s still some fun to be had, though, including a brave lad ratting in a Vexor in an anomaly with numerous neuts passing through (I’m not going to link it out of respect for his brass cojones).

Without me logging in and seeing that robust chain mapped out in Siggy, I wouldn’t have gotten that kill.  If you travel through wormholes with more than just yourself, it, and the programs like it, are content-generators.

Have you folks played around with Siggy or any of the other mapping tools?  What’s your favorite?  Give me your best “content-creation” story!


  1. I always preferred Tripwire, but that might just be because that's the first one I used...

  2. LOL... I have lived in Anoikis for almost 5 years now... we use another mapping tool than Siggy (sekurity concerns)... but I remember the days before mapping tools... Those halcyon days of sketchy, smudgy much erased and redrawn maps... on paper... kept near at hand and dropping, copying and swapping craftily named Pipe Book Marks inna can in the POS...

    Content Creation back then took WORK young man!!! You kids, you don't know how easy you have it... =P

  3. Never heard of Siggy before today, but I'm sure I'll look into using it in the future. I've used a spreadsheet created by a guy in EveUni before for determining what signatures have been recently scanned down in Solitude/Syndicate (and what they are if they were scanned), but a spreadsheet shared on google docs, as useful as it is, isn't quite the same as a visual representation like shown in that screenshot. Thanks for the post about it, Tal.

  4. I remeber the days that after scanning you had to make a corp/alliance mail to let the chain be known.
    And before corp bookmarks we had to copy all the bm's for each char in fleet.
    Before siggy went open source there was an other one wich was opensource.
    Also try vippy ,it is even bether then siggy and tripwire!

  5. I hope the bookmarks your Corp makes matches what is in Siggy. You can use a better naming convention on WHs other than their stock name.