Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Enough With the Updates, Already!

We've had a new update pretty much every day for the past week, and I - for one - have had enough.  For God's sake, vet some of these updates through QA before putting them live.

Perhaps they don't know how their actions affect their players, so let me put it this way.  Most players have a couple hours a day to play the game.  Every time you send in a patch, it takes a hell of a lot of time to download and update.  For me, it's about half an hour (I have no idea why; my connection is fine, but the Eve repair tool is so unwieldy...).  That's a half an hour out of two hours I have to waste with another useless update that has no bearing on my game play (if it did, I'd have noticed the problem by now).

And last night, I couldn't get the damn updater to work any of the ways (direct .exe open, launcher, repair tool) despite multiple restarts.  I was trying to update for two whole hours... I even left my computer on all night, and it didn't pick up at all.

There has to be another way to send through these updates.  Stop wasting all of our time.  Every day this week?  This is flat-out disruptive.

I want to play this game, not watch a broken update process not do its job.  If I wanted to watch something not do what it was supposed to, I'd watch ratters in Tenal.


  1. When a patch is available start the game using the launcher and it will update in 5 min max.
    If not the game will download again the launcher and the new launcher will hash-check all game files (over 10GB or files) and then download and install the patch.

    1. I'll do that next time. When the launcher first came out, it was so buggy that I got in the habit of bypassing it and have been ever since.

  2. I agree with the above, if you use the launcher the process is painless and quick