Wednesday, November 13, 2013

What’s In My Hangar – Pre-Rubicon Edition

Over at Jester’s Trek, Ripard Teg posts every year listing the ships sitting in his hangar.  He uses it to track changes in fleet doctrines, fittings, and functions over time, particularly as a result of expansions and rebalances.  I thought it was such a good idea, I’ve decided to steal it.

But instead of annually, I’m going to look at my hangar just before every expansion.  Immediately after an expansion, my hangar tends to change rapidly and chaotically, but after a few months, it’s usually pretty settled.  With Rubicon about three weeks away, I figure now’s as good a time as any to commemorate my ships for Odyssey.

So, without further ado…

  • Scimitar - Alliance fit for fleet ops.
  • Oneiros – Alliance fit for fleet ops.`
  • Tornado – long-range, max alpha fit for blap-and-escape fleets.
  • Muninn – Alliance fit for fleet ops.
  • Ashimmu – I just picked this one up from a corp-mate and made some changes to add some DPS.  I haven’t flown it yet, but I’m torn between keeping it for armor roams or selling it.
  • Daredevil – pretty standard armor fit for pinning targets down.  Specifically not a nano fit.
  • Harpy – dual-ASB blarpy FTW.  I fly this one solely for PvP with 2-3 buddies, max.
  • Jaguar – TD-fit, for solo PvP.
  • Nidhoggur – literally just a hull with 3 CCCs.  I use it for shuttling ships up to Tenal from empire.  It used to be my main carrier before I trained for a Thanatos.
  • Rupture – armor-fit with lots of ewar.  Great for a lot of uses.  Part of a set of theme armor-cruiser fleets we use
  • Thorax – another armor cruiser for short range.  Also part of a set of theme armor-cruiser fleets we use.
  • Rapier x2 – dual-web, one of my favorite ships for solo or small-gang.  Can easily take out three assault frigs solo.
  • Sabre – single-bubble, max tank, good for the occasional gate camp, but not much else.  Probably the standard fit come Rubicon.
  • Tengu – cap-stable Guristas version, for running combat signatures.
  • Ishtar – afk anom version, useful for sec status grinding.
  • Vagabond – 220mm gun version
  • Vagabond – 425mm gun version
  • Vagabond – ASB version (obviously, I still like Vagas)
  • Cynabal – dual-prop fit, as discussed here (Cynabal flying guide).
  • Curse – armor-fit for max ewar.  It can take on a strong DPS ship and two tacklers easily.
  • Jaguar – web-fit for taking on other assault frigs.
  • Cyclone – a new ship for me, using HAMs and an ASB to take advantage of the new bonus.
  • Dramiel – pretty standard dual-prop fit for taking down larger ships at range.
  • Gnosis – max ehp version, meant to be bait.  I’ve only flown it a few times, since I bought it right before our Curse deployment and I left it in S-E.
  • Hurricane – I retrofitted this one from the formerly standard dual-neut version, but it’s similar in most ways.
  • Thanatos – Das Boot (sentry drone) fit, in every way, including mods to refit on the fly.  Always fit a Cyno on your carrier…
  • Myrmidon – dual-rep, dual-web active tank fit, for serving as bait and taking down any tackle stupid enough to get close.  Fears Curses.
  • Talos – Alliance fit for fleet ops.
  • Sleipnir – ASB fit, but it could use some tweaking.  I don’t think I’ve flown it before, but it’s relatively new.
  • Proteus – my newest project… a cloaky beast that can scram out to 15 km before overheating or boosts.  Meant for finding and quickly dispatching targets.  Only one more sub to V…
  • Retribution – armor-fit, but still gets good speed.  Used to attack T1 ships.
  • Manticore – Alliance torpedo fit for fleet ops.
  • Wolf – autocannon fit, also for solo or small gang assault frig roams.  Love this ship.
And that’s it.  Our deployment to Doril has really delayed many of my buying decisions, simply because I only have so much space in the carrier I brought down.  But I’m researching some Rupture and Stabber blueprints, both for inventing and producing/flying, as I love both of those ships.  I also want a Panther for blops gangs, but just have to buy one.

Generally, I don’t prefer T1, simply because they die quickly in solo work (unless you mess up your range), and T2 is usually a better choice in fleets if your budget can bear it.

So, what trends can you pull out?  I wonder what will change come Rubicon…

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