Sunday, September 25, 2016

A Beautiful Thing to Behold

I remember the first time I ever saw a Titan. It was very early in my career as a Roving Guns pilot in Razor. We landed on it in our Drakes (yeah, back then!) and got ready to bridge into a fight.

This was back in the times when bumping titans was a serious problem and FCs would rage for years about knocking it out of the POS. It was in the time of the black screen of death that sometimes happened when you loaded grid. That problem was always made worse by multiple pilots jumping at once, making a titan bridge a serious concern for those of us with lower-end PCs. After any jump, you might have found yourself dropped, only to log back in all alone.

Only a few weeks after seeing that first titan, I participated in my first two Titan kills, an Avatar and an Erebus in Venal, of all places. This was back when Titans weren’t used that often. They were utterly helpless when caught by themselves, and rarely traveled, or were even used that much in combat.

In the interim, though, I’ve participated in a wide number of move ops, but until Citadels, supers and titans had to be parked in POSes, and were often moved on their own, separate from capital and subcap fleets. While I might pass an occasional titan in transit, it was infrequent.

That all changed today, and I've got the evidence to prove it.

For a lot of alliances, even having a single titan can be a big deal. Maybe you have access to a handful.

NC. redeployed today, and in so doing, transported its entire EUTZ and part of its USTZ fleet with it. It was a little larger than a handful.

What exactly does that size of a fleet look like? A lot like this.

There’s something magical about seeing a fleet of that size taking a gate and aligning out. I doubt the Amarr navy – the largest in empire space – could match it in a slug-fest.

There are definite advantages to being in an alliance like this.

Awesome screenshots.

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  1. Those are awesome screenshots indeed. I have only been on grid with titans a few times. But they're nice.

    I like the blue Avatars