Wednesday, August 5, 2015

You Have to Check This Out

On reddit is a post that includes a comment simulator/generator.  This bot generates fresh comments based on your comment history on reddit.  If you want a hilarious read, please check it out.

Some of the best ones so far...
"The only thing that really matters is your own personal reaction towards those situations and what role it serves by the methods we used to be able to tell the stupid from the Caldari and elite PVP." - pinkyfeldman
Apparently the bot is a squid at heart...
Not sure if it's a good idea to do something to keep more newbros in the game" - abdel abu
It's a complicated issue, whether we should lift a finger to help keep newbros.
For me I wet the bed wetting, even an electric cup that shocked me. I beg them to police this and force the employee to attend and pass a computer course as they are suppose to be a quality of life upgrade. Don't complain when the HD is otherwise not in your browser. - alphax45
Good lord, I never realized the high-definition issue held such dire consequences!
I came for the dank memes, I stayed for the dank memes, I stayed for the dank memes, I stayed for the shitposts on /r/eve" - Flatcherius
What's his stance on "dank memes" again?

As we speak I am trained in gorilla warfare and I'm the top sniper in the past we were one jump away from the alliance/coalition. Therefore the logical choice for us since losings not fun for me to go missing, and probably die? - fuzzyspring
That seems like a permanent solution to a temporary problem.
As long as you need to fit all jammers of whatever their Logi is. Basically anything goes, including numbers if you mine as part of a sea level rise is this? - campbellski
I always knew mining was dangerous to individual health, but now it's responsible for climate change too?!?
Once you're there, you're in a given fight. I think this is a problem created by poor project management. - calmilvet
You heard it here first, kids.  The solution to winning Eve is Six Sigma.
That or perhaps they could be killed at any time. There are 4 McDonalds within 700m of my fellow TDSIN/WHOO corp mates are coming from the DBZ soundtrack. * A couple of times I've had to stop people from having sex and then when you thought it would be having sex and then reap the isk in forever. - JosephBarnacle
I don't know what's more disturbing... the fact that they've found a way to montetize sex in Eve, that this is happening at nearby McDonalds's, or that Dragonball Z gets them in the mood...
If I had a gf once it wasn't as fun as infinite dreads - globbyy
So sad, but so true of so many players...


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