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I focus almost exclusively on PvP, whether solo, small gang, or large bloc warfare. In the past, I've been a miner, mission runner, and faction warfare jockey. I'm particularly interested in helping high-sec players get into 0.0 combat.

Sunday, February 28, 2016

Sansha Military Operations Complex (7/10)

Access: Acceleration Gate, T2 Battleships & Below

Room 1
Initial Defenders
13 x (Frigate/Destroyer)
9 x (Cruiser/Battlecruiser)
8 x (Battleship)

Room 2
Initial Defenders
11 x (Frigate/Destroyer)
10 x (Cruiser/Battlecruiser)
9 x (Battleship)

Room 3
Initial Defenders
12 x (Frigate/Destroyer)
11 x (Cruiser/Battlecruiser)
9 x (Battleship)
1 x (Overseer Cruiser) True Sansha Slaughterer (True Sansha Cruiser Modules)

Room 4
Initial Defenders
12 x (Frigate/Destroyer)
13 x (Cruiser/Battlecruiser)
7 x (Battleship)
1 x (Overseer Battleship) True Sansha battleship (True Sansha Battleship Modules)

Room 5
Initial Defenders
1 x (Stasis) Stasis Tower
16 x (Frigate/Destroyer)
11 x (Cruiser/Battlecruiser)
11 x (Battleship)
1 x (Overseer Battleship) True Sansha battleship (immune to EWAR) (20th Tier OPE, True Sansha Battleship Modules, Centii C-Type Modules)

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1 comment:

  1. Final room web tower webbed to 120 km. Web tower, inspite of its size has only a couple thousand hp.