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Friday, January 2, 2015

Gentlemen, Be Wary of Strange Corporate Logos...

There's a terrible downside to Repercussus joining Goonswarm.  A terrible downside, indeed.

It's inevitable that, on occasion, I'll play Eve while sitting next to my wife.  In this case, we were discussing a babysitter we needed for a couple weeks from now.  Now, some women will argue that men can't do two things at once.  While this may be true, it doesn't preclude certain women - my wife - say, from forgetting everything she was saying and staring, transfixed, at my Eve client.

For she came face-to-face with that downside.  Being in GSF, it was inevitable.  For she saw the Goonwaffe logo in the upper-right corner of the screen as I sat in one of their stations.

It's a unicorn with a heart behind it.

Not only did she decide that she absolutely had to have something with that logo on it - how could a person resist a unicorn with a heart? - but she enlisted my daughter to plead her case.

She does not fight fair.

I tried to patiently explain that Goonwaffe having this logo is a giant troll - who could think ill of a corporation with a unicorn.  I mean, it has a heart.  They just want to be BFFs, right? - and I shared what CONDI means (basically a giant middle finger to the entire gameworld).

To a woman descended from Cossacks and Lombards, of course, this only made her more interested.

In all seriousness, though, too often we overlook some of the smaller aspects of Eve.  Corporation logos.  The appearance of some of the stations (I'm looking at you, exotic dancers).  The descriptions of some of the items, including trade goods.  There's a rich tradition of inside jokes, irony, and developer trolls just waiting to be discovered.  Part of what makes Eve so unique is the hidden gem hiding in plain sight.

Even if it does make your wife fall in love with Goonwaffe and ask you to petition your corporation to change its logo to a pegasus with a sparkly star.

Don't worry, Troyd, I will not be doing that.


  1. How about some of the intentionally named nullsec systems in Eve?

    2R-CRW (To our Crew) sits next to CCP-US (CCP's US office) in Deklein...
    RYQC-I (Ricky) and 1EWS-I (Lucy) out in Period Basis... Geekspeak 4TW :P
    B1UE-J (Blue Jays) in Kalevala...
    JB-007 (James Bond, 007) in UUA-F4 (You use alt+F4 for the region :P)
    G1-D0G (Good one, Dog) in Period Basis

    There's also a constellation named MY-QQI (My Crying Eye) in Immensea.

    I've spotted dozens of these obvious ones across the various regions, and there's no doubt in my mind that some of these systems have obscure meaning to whatever Dev put their stamp on that system. (Maybe even all of them, though it seems a stretch to name that many systems intentionally)

    There is also a system named Hilmar in Amarr space. I wonder which came first, the system or CCP Hilmar? :P

  2. Hate to burst your bubble, but the EvE universe was created by a random number generater, using the number 42 as seed. All the names of systems that use a number/letter designation are completely random, not inside jokes. All non-npc nullsec regions used to have a number/letter designation as well at launch, but they got their current names after a couple of years.

    ~ Gaia

    1. You are partially correct here. The planets, belts, content and connections and all that was created by the random number generator. What they got named afterwards was based upon the devs. (Otherwise there would be no named systems, it would all be named in the same military-esque fashion) I'm sure a vast majority of nullsec was randomly generated character patterns, but at least a few show signs that someone intentionally named them.

      I did not know that Fountain didn't start off as Fountain, but as some military designation... Was it all npc space back then?

  3. Re: Daughter Picture

    “My fingers may be small but I can still wrap Daddy around them”

    Surrender now Talvorian. There is no defense.

    1. There really isn't. She's "napping" downstairs while I play Eve because I didn't have the heart to leave her in her room screaming that she didn't want to nap.

      And I wonder why I couldn't bring myself to scam the corp I got my alt accepted to, even thought that was the whole point of that alt...