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Sunday, May 4, 2014

CSM, or Why I Voted For My Guy

So, the CSM election results are in, and I’m quite pleased with the results.  Sure, the WH guys got screwed.  But among those who did get in, I’m very pleased with quite a number of them.

The one I’m most pleased with is the person I voted for: Sugar Kyle.

I didn’t want to share who I was voting for because, quite frankly, few people actually care.  Those who do and would be swayed by my opinion don’t deserve to vote anyways; it’s we should all arrive at ourselves.  But now that it’s over and I can’t influence anyone, I’m happy to share my vote.

It may surprise you that a CFC pilot didn’t vote for the CFC candidates.  It wasn’t anything nefarious, but rather the fact that I knew they’d get in; they didn’t need any additional help.

But I don’t CCP has any true interest in tackling power projection, sov mechanics, or null-sec income generation within the next year.  And it’s not the area of space that requires the most help.  Low-sec is, and it was very important to me to have some representation there.

Low-sec contains so much possibility.  It’s an area of space with unique mechanics, a (admittedly, small) group of permanent residents, and occupies a crossroads role between null-sec and high-sec.  But by and large, that’s all it is right now: a transit space.

Yet… it offers unique opportunities.  Moon mining for non-sov entities is limited to low-sec.  As are the new security sec tags, faction warfare, and pirate gangs.

But that’s it right now.  And that’s a problem.  Living in sov null-sec is viable for a very small number of corporations, and low-sec represents the only reliable means of finding areas of space to both live in and PvP in.  Why shouldn’t they have the means to develop it into something much more interesting than it is now, a dark city road you travel down with you doors locked and windows up, and pray you never travel past again.

We desperately need to find a way to generate additional content in low-sec.  Maybe that means additional moons to mine in 0.4 space.  Maybe it means the means of imprinting an area of influence (sov-lite, for example).  Maybe it means allowing corporations to enter into faction warfare on a smaller level – gang or cartel-level warfare.

I’m not sure what it looks like, but I do know the person comes up a solution has to live in low-sec.  And a strong low-sec creates content options for everyone.

So I’m looking forward to seeing the suggestions and feedback low-sec CSM members make to CCP.  New ideas will come from new voices, new perspectives.  And I’m very eager to see new ideas about turning a crossroads into a destination in and of itself.

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