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Monday, November 17, 2014

My Wife's Opinion About Our Move Op...

In the world of jump fatigue, moving RP's assets from Tenal to Deklein isn't just a matter of catching a couple cynos anymore.  No, moving assets even two regions away is now a harrowing, white-knuckled excursion where your ship is slower than the rotation of the planets around the suns of New Eden.

Plus - and here's a tip for you - when your capital fleet lands on a gate, chances are very good that you'll bounce off of at least one of your fleetmates.  I ended up 15 km off a gate after I was a bit late jumping.  So that's an added bit of fun.  Always "jump" instead of "warp" when warping in a capital fleet.  Doing the alternative causes a hilarious* mistake.

* Not really hilarious at all.

But more importantly, moving a single capital on your own is a colossally stupid move.  So stupid, in fact, that all capital pilots are now beholden to move ops, else they take a tremendous set of risks going gate-to-gate.  Such a high risk, in fact, that it simply isn't done anymore.  I sure as heck wasn't going to.

At least, that's my opinion on the new Eve.  You simply have to make the move op, or you're SOL.  My wife, however, has another opinion, which she considerately shares below:

Written by Valeria Bovinus.
On Friday, when my husband asked, “Do you mind if I join the move op on Saturday at 5 pm?  It’ll only be 45 minutes,” my mental response was, “Are you crazy?” That’s right in the middle of dinner time, when we jointly try to shove a home-cooked meal down our throats to the screams of our young who are rebelling against the tyranny of nutrition. 
Keeping our children in one piece through the evening is a joint effort… one of our daughters’ school evaluations reads, “When she gets bored, she gets destructive,” and my husband is the “fun” one.  And the big reason I was against this… an op never takes as long as anyone says. 
But, no… I take the high road and say, “I really didn’t want to make a big dinner on Saturday anyway, so why don’t you participate in the op and I’ll feed the kids a picnic while we play board games.”
What ensued was a tragedy of dramatic proportions. 
The op is set to begin. I’ve got the food ready.
Happy and in good spirits.
Happily unaware that the fleet hasn’t even left the station yet. Joyfully guiding children through a very enriching board game.  Who needs a husband or TV to help with a 4- and 1-year-old?
Happily eating processed meat substitute while they play an educational board game
Just about done right? Wait you just left the station?  WTF?
Lunchables gone, board game thrown around house, looking for the TV…
Really, you’re still debating what route to take?  I don’t care if PL has a Tengu fleet in the area, move, now!  Getting blow up would end it right?  I need your help with your spawn right now!
Fighting over what TV show to watch, throwing My Little Ponies around in a threatening manner.
Really you aren’t there yet? If this is all because of jump fatigue, I will write CCP a harshly worded email, and by the way…
Beating each other over the head with said ponies, not watching TV, demanding more sugar to placate.
You are never playing Eve during family hours again. This is the thanks family members get?, You can’t even leave the station on time!
Given a bowl of fresh baked cookies to eat, temporary truce in Battle of the Pony.
It’s over…good, I have a solution for any future events during family time…
Baby being put to sleep, child gains sole custody of ponies and TV. Victory for eldest child, who promptly ignores mother and father.
I don’t care about hard counters or hostile fleets or jump fatigue.  Get your asses moving on time, or I’ll sell intel to anyone willing to drop on my husband’s fleet and use my ill-gotten gains to buy livestock or some new dresses or a sleek pair of boots.
Please contact [Redacted] for the RP travel schedule.  Please primary [Redacted!], he has diapers to change and a pony crown to remove from a child’s ear.

Penance complete.

Ed. Note: The passwords for my Eve accounts have all been changed!  I've foiled her evil plan.


  1. Do you live on the west coast? I'm on PST (GMT-8), so know all too well about the priority of family time over raiding/pvp/roaming primetime in a whole host of games. I think the important thing here to do is make sure you remain the fun one. Then when your daughter refines her destructive powers into violent telekinesis, you'll be able to enjoy your slightly increased degree of safety.

    1. No, east coast here. But still... joint TZ ops are always tough to attend for me.

  2. play eve right:

    take ingame bets on your kids, let pony battle happen, comment it on ts (take entry fee for ts after some time), rake in isk wheelbarrow style.

    next step:
    take bribes in rl-isk for altering judgement of who won the fight, different equipment, etc. invest rl-isk in stuff to make the missus happy.

    result: win-win-win-win. you get to play eve, lil ones get their pony-related disagreements out of the world (till tomorrow) and the missus rolls in new shinies.

    100m isk on the 1yr old.

    1. The 1 yr old is like a surprise jamming fleet uncloaking... spiteful. The 4 yr old follows the "1000 megathrons" model.

    2. LOL.. This is why I love flying with you Dex.

  3. As a dad of a 4mo old and a 2yr old (who's somehow figured out the 'push to talk' button while I'm afk...), this looks really familiar.

  4. There should be a support group, "significant others of those who play Eve." Wife of an Eve player here :)

    1. Not a bad idea... definitely needed at times. It's not a hobby, it's a way of life. My wife said to me yesterday (likely as a result of this move op), "You check EN24, TMC, your blog, the forums every morning when you wake up. What will you do when you quit playing Eve."

      I had no response.

    2. I do actually know the answer for me: "play all the other games I'm neglecting because I spend too much time playing EVE"

      Or, alternately, "what I did for the past two weeks" because my parents were visiting and I couldn't play on the weekends and was reminded I had other stuff I wanted to do during the week.

    3. Wat? Quit EVE? What's that? Explain please, you make no sense.

  5. "Get your asses moving on time"(!) <= the real reason nullsec is such a PITA. Well spotted

  6. This made my day.
    Notification: you have a new follower. lol

  7. Ahhhh.... Marriage, parenthood and gaming. I am the father of 2, step to 3. My 27y.o. son, a Marine, is my CEO (in HBHI, and the guy who turned me on to EVE)... my 2 younger kids are, dottir, Boo, 11yo and son Aidy, 12yo.
    Boo is an avid Minecrafter and Aidy is an XBox FPS player.

    My wife is not, according to her, a gamer. And she is not at all supportive of my gaming (and HATES my blogging) and is very critical of the kids gaming... all while she plays gambling games on her iPhone every free second she has... Games which are, in her words, "NOT at all the same thing!!"...

    I really hope you know just how easy you have it... =\

    Great post BTW... I envy you.

  8. There is no substitute for wife aggro. You got off light under the circumstances.

  9. dude this is a child raising issue,not a problem with the game

    if you set aside time for yourself your children should be disciplined enough to listen to their mother in the mean time,its simply a discipline issue

    and something only americans seem to have so much trouble over

    1. Looks like you missed the problem. The problem wasn't with the kids, the problem was with needing to devote extra time (hours) into something that took minutes previously.

      Your suggestion that his children were not 'disciplined' and that he should be able to participate in the cap move while the wife watches is irresponsible. She is there to be the mother to the kids, yes, but the father must also equally share in that responsibility. She originally agreed to him doing this because she understands the importance of him not being left behind - as long as it doesn't last all night, which it did.

      I most certainly hope that this debate is not one that only Americans are having. But by judging the basis of your argument I am going to assume it is something that people of all nations are trying to tackle.

    2. Anon 2:08...
      OMG LOL... so ONLY American kids get in trouble huh? Pick up a paper ANYWHERE in the world and tell me ONLY American kids get in trouble... The Gods know I hate when we have a 'superior attitude' towards others... but I hate it equally as much when people of other nationalities look down their nose's at us... look hard in a mirror man...

      Kids are kids... some better behaved by their nature, some worse by theirs... and some parent's are good and some completely suck... this is a truth that knows no distinctions of race, creed, color, language or nationality.

      Anaon 6:26... just asking but, ... the problem was with needing to devote extra time (hours) into something that took minutes previously. Now was that all what it seems? A thinly veiled whine over Jump Changes? Really? LOL

  10. Great post.

  11. Man I think I just fell in love with your wife :P

  12. EVE requires corp involvement to be fun. EVE corp involvement invariably conflicts with real life. If your real life is in any way significant, you've got problems.

  13. Our corp moved in a more painful way in the another end of new eden, we are at gmt +8 TZ too, we moved in 4 days in a roll and 2 and a half hour each night at 8pm last week . Worse thing is that we have go fighting for another 10 hours in non stopped CTAs at the weekend.

    My mom is keep annoying whole week long as well.

  14. "You can’t even leave the station on time!" Solidarity sister :D

  15. I know this is old but the wife part has got to be the most hilarious thing I have ever read... And I KNOW some parts weren't added... like the embargo ing of certain marital duties. I know you had to be at least sanctioned