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Monday, August 10, 2015

Eulogy For My MSI Gaming Laptop

It's official: my MSI GT70 laptop is, in fact, dead.  I attempted to replace the AC adapter, only to discover that the the motherboard is shot.  So, too, are my hopes of replacing it with another laptop.

Prior to me getting my MSI laptop in October of 2012, I had only ever played Eve on low settings with an integrated graphics card.  Seeing New Eden come alive with max settings was breathtaking, and since then I've only ever turned off asteroid effects and camera shake.  To me, MSI equates to a beautiful Eve.

It lasted almost three years, but alas my budget doesn't permit me to buy another one now.  But even if it did, I'm afraid I'm leaving the gaming laptop camp, perhaps for good.  With laptops, when one component breaks, you often have to toss the whole thing.  And I tend to get personally attached to my computers... I don't like replacing them or having to set them up again.  I don't like having to say good-bye to a laptop that did everything I needed it to do, and was sexy as hell to boot.

It's just too painful.  So, I'm joining the ranks of the desktop legions.  I was worried that I'd have to give up the evening Eve couch sessions while sitting with my wife, but I think I've found a work-around to that (monitor shifted being between put away in the corner and on the living room table, wireless mouse and keyboard, ftw!).  We'll see how it works.

It's a hard thing to abandon laptops, but the upside is just too great.  I need some flexibility to replace components instead of computers.  If I'd have done that previously, I'd still be able to keep Windows 7 on my main computer, instead of the crapshoot that is Windows 10.

I'll be moving from a GeForce 670 graphics card to a GeForce GTX 960, though.  The benchmarks and reviews seem to indicate it's a slight step up, and the former was good enough for me to run two Eve clients, which is all I really need.  I'll be really bummed if the reviews were all wrong, and I have to make sacrifices, though.  So bummed that I'll have to prioritize a new graphics card.

But, one thing at a time.  Oh, the hardship we endure for the game we love... New Eden problems, man, New Eden problems...


  1. I'm in a similar situation. My laptop, though not yet broken, is aging out of Eve online requirements fast, not to mention the recommended configuration. I wonder if in home streaming from a new but cheap desktop with a fresh Nvidia card is an option...

  2. When I was reading your last post about your laptop and the troubles you were having, the first thought that came to mind was "this sounds familiar..."
    I was having the same types of issues back in March with my gaming PC, and in the end the problem was a dying (and eventually dead) motherboard. I ended up replace the motherboard, CPU and Ram, since my motherboard was fairly old (9 years or so) and I was still running on DDR2 Ram. Got a new modular power supply while I was at it, as I'd wanted one for a while, though replacing all this took me a while as I was unemployed at the time. It meant nearly 2 months of no Eve online as my laptop couldn't run the game at lowest settings and get anything better then 10fps. I had a feeling your laptop was heading down the same path as my computer did, and it seems I was right. Glad you were able to get your situation sorted out in a much faster time then I was.

    1. Fortunately, I have a very understanding wife, and she recognized I was trying to be as cost-sensitive as possible.

    2. Fortunately, I have a very understanding wife, and she recognized I was trying to be as cost-sensitive as possible.

  3. The fragility of the laptop, and the difficulty of repair, is why I've also sworn off getting another gaming laptop. The upsides were limited (I now recognise), for the games I enjoy, and the cost is prohibitive to getting a replacement. The cost of repairs is also extortionate.

    Of course, my laptop's battery is now non-functional, and so I'm limited to playing it as a pseudo-desktop. Life is full of bitter irony....

    I hope your new computer beats the challenges of New Eden for a long long while :)

    Rob K.

  4. Wow, same thing happened to my old MSI laptop, the motherboard failed spectacularly one day, actual smoke coming out of the sides. Though, now that I'm done with college I find I don't miss it as much...

  5. Any recommendations for gaming laptops under $1000?

    1. Not for specific models, but I'd focus on the graphics card and quality of the fans more than any other factor. Those two elements tend to be the deciding factor on whether a game lags or rocks.