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Monday, August 19, 2013

Interdictions ≠ Ice

Goonswarm announced another ice interdiction.  To be honest, I don’t much care what their goals are.  As a loyal CFC member, I relish the opportunity to kill folks in high-sec.  My security status isn’t quite low enough yet, and I make plenty of isk to afford to buy it back.

This will be my fourth interdiction.  “But Tal, we’ve only had one ice interdiction before.”  Did I say ice?

In my mind, we’re not interdicting ice, but rather laziness.  Hulkageddon, Burn Jita 1 & 2, the ice interdictions… to me, they’re all the same.  We’re a force of Darwin come to show you how to become better players.  In the end, it’s not the high-sec player we prey upon.  It’s the stupid high-sec player.

Mining ice without protection during an ice interdiction?  Yeah, that’s stupid.
Flying a 9-bil mission Tengu in any situation?  Stupid.
Auto-piloting a jump freighter through high-sec?  Stupid.

Because, in Razor, we don’t’ limit ourselves to the identified targets; we’re looking to run an isk-positive ganking operation.  Ganking isn’t a play style we’re used to (for example, I was on 5 fleets during which we had to explain the new aggression mechanics to our members… we simply don’t hang out in CONCORD space).  It’s fun because it’s different for us.

Our strat ops are the place for objective-oriented PvP.  For interdictions, we’re out for fat, juicy kills.  And tears.

How can you survive?  Don’t fly officer-fit Tengus.  You don’t need them for missions.  Ever.  Don’t be predictable.  Don’t assume that innocuous-looking ship is alone.  Don’t warp directly to your target.  Keep dscan open.  Simple.  Well, it’s simple if you’re used to it.

But wisdom is coming.  Embrace the knowledge we provide.

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