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Friday, July 26, 2013

The Next Dominos to Fall

An interesting development in the PvP world today… R O G U E Alliance, an ally of Razor , has decided to leave Cobalt Edge, ostensibly handing sov to N3 and PL.

I find this very interesting as an outside observer.  On the one hand, ROGUE is fighting with the CFC in Fountain, and they are blue to Razor as well.  On the other hand, handing sov to NC. seems like sleeping with the enemy.  It’s possible that some isk changed hands, but I’m intrigued by another possibility.

In this article, it’s suggested that ROGUE is interested in full CFC membership.  Despite reports, the CFC treats all member alliances well.  The component alliances are treated well and all share in the spoils of any conflicts.  It wouldn’t do for any alliance to be relegated to Cobalt Edge for very long.  When I’ve flown with ROGUE, they’ve seemed pretty competent.  I think they’d make fine allies to anyone who wants them.  And after this war in Fountain, it’s very likely that the CFC will end up with a lot of prime real estate.  Too much, I suspect, for the current alliances to handle.

You see where I’m going with this?

An inventive mind can conjure up all sorts of scenarios.  Goons moving into Fountain (and the front lines, likely) and handing Deklein to Fweddit and ROGUE, perhaps?  Pushing further into Delve, maybe, and handing over further spoils?  One thing is certain.  The Fountain War is likely to be nly the opening campaign in a much larger effort.  I don’t see the CFC forgiving or forgetting those who have helped Test – even though their best move was to help Test.
As a Razor pilot, I’m doubly interested in what happens in Cobalt Edge and Oasa (note: I’m not on the troika or a director, so I have exactly zero inside knowledge into the political decisions Razor makes).  I’ve long bemoaned the lack of juicy targets in close proximity to our stomping grounds.  I longed for the Fountain War to last all summer so I could milk it for kills, but I’d be just as happy deploying anywhere that has targets.

I think we’re starting to see some of the next dominos to fall.  This should be a great summer for PvP, and I highly encourage anyone interested in it to join a bloc – any bloc! – now.

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